Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pam this one is for you!

See you this week end. Grooms cake by Creative Cake Company

Speaking of French Weddings....

Croquembouche comes from the French words "croquant" meaning crunchy and "bouche" for mouth (Pronounced crow-come-bush) French for "cracks in your mouth." A cone of cream puffs filled with French pastry cream. Coated with carmelized sugar and decorated with elegant marzipan roses made petal by petal. Popular in France for weddings, communions and other occasions.

The croquembouche is often the dessert at a French wedding, baptism, christening, and other family gatherings. Its origins date back to the medieval tables of the French Royalty and Nobility. Croquembouche is decorative enough to be a centerpiece, and small enough to be suitable at even small dinners.

The dress by special order!

Coup de Mariage

In France the bride and bridegroom toast each other from an engraved, two-handled cup (the coup de mariage), which is passed on to future generations.

Does any one still do this?


Chandelier Overlays

This sheer embroidered organza chandelier overlay is from Rentals Unlimited and is called Orleans.
Its hot pink color comes from its underlay so it can match any color theme.
$35.00 for a 130 Round (underlay not included)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Build your own Chandelier

This could be used as a wishing tree or escort card holder!

Chandelier Wedding Genealogy Chart

This chart is designed as a decadent chandelier, and guests’ names are encased in ornamental frames, and personal connections are displayed in the chandelier’s arms. All information and colors are customizable, and we offer a variety of formats including framed, and un-framed prints. The framing you see in the photos is our specialty option for this design: a custom ornamental paper-cut out frame. This also could be a seating chart as well!
found at

If your getting married at the Astors Beechwood Mansion.... Here is a great story from New York Social Diary

Vincent Astor, the Man Who Gave Away the Money

Weddings at the Astors' Beechwood Mansion, Newport RI

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He Loves Me...

Make your own fortune tellers filled with trivia about the two of you!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Passport to Your first Dance

This could be a perfect invitation for the destination wedding!
The passport invitation from .1st Impressions Invitations includes everything you need your wedding guests to know., from flight, information to hotel, accommodations ,to tentative itineraries, Your guests will have every question answered! The cost of this particular invitation runs around $7 to $8 a piece, depending upon complexity of the interior information. Matching Thank you cards and Save-the-dates can be added as well. Samples can be found at The Newport Wedding Gallery in May.

Will your maids be wearing Lilly Pulitzer at your wedding this year?

High Definition

Last night I went to Oceancliff to hear a band called High Definition. This band had the group up and rocking. Lovely voices with the heart and soul of a great dance band. As for dinner I had a wonderful meal at the bar in the Safarie room. I was served a wonderful Sauvignon Blank by the glass, perfectly cooked tuna coated in dual colored sesame seeds, with a wasabi sauce and a classic green seaweed salad. It reminded me of a dish I use to order at The Atlantic Grill in N.Y.C.
The banana foster in puff pastry, well I hate to say it but I eat it all. The two gals behind the bar were perfect hostess to a single person having dinner buy one self. Over all a wonderful night in Newport!

I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise....

So cute!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Charming Photos

Alexandria Mauck carries a line on charming photo jewlery that can tell your life story or the story of your wedding day. Your images are reproduced and sealed on each charm making them waterproof, fade proof & scratch resistant in Solid Sterling Silver. meal.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cash Bars...NOT

Cash bars are not okay at weddings. Inviting a guest to your wedding means that you are hosting them—as in, treating them—the entire time. You aren’t asking them to pay for their dinner, so you can’t ask them to pay for their own drinks.

If you’re on a tight budget, you do have some other options. Remember that what you serve at your event is ultimately your decision, and it’s fine to forgo liquor—it’s not required that you provide it to guests. You could also choose to serve only beer and wine, or even just champagne. Many couples are going with a signature cocktail: One mixed drink that is served to everyone, usually with a choice of beer and wine, as well. A tip to get the most out of alcohol if you do choose to serve it: Ask your bartender to measure drinks, rather than eyeball them. This tends to use less alcohol (and thus less bottles), saving you more.

From The Emily Post Institute

Cakes From the Past

It a lovely thought to bring in photos of your parents cutting the cake.
Photo by David Dadekian

A wedding Toast For Jack

After cutting the wedding cake, Jackie Kennedy acknowledged the toasts gracefully, then noted that her mother had always told her to wait and judge a man by his correspondence.
With quiet humor, she held up a postcard from Bermuda with a picture of a passion flower.
On the back was scrawled: "Wish you were here. Cheers. Jack." "
This," said Jackie, "is my entire correspondence from Jack."

A short toast with humor and charm goes a long way!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Press from NYSJA Newsletter 2008

(BNN) Without a doubt, Newport, Rhode Island is one of
the most magnificent places in America. The very mention of
Newport conjures up images of the of the late nineteenth century
Gilded Age – a time of unparalleled wealth, luxury and privilege
set in a world of ultra-gentility and manners
This rarefied world was perfectly depicted
by Edith Wharton in her novel The Age of
Innocence; a mesmerizing portrayal of the
nineteenth-century East Coast upper class.
In more recent times, movie director Martin
Scorsese brought the story to life giving
viewers a stunning glimpse of New York and
Newport society.

Indeed, from the 1880s to the early 20th
century, Newport was the playground of the
newly rich Vanderbilts, Astors, Belmonts
and other industrial barons.. Their incredibly
elaborate marble houses or “cottages” with
names like The Breakers, The Elms, Marble
House and Rosecliff, were the sites of large
and lavish parties.

Today, the extravagant mansions and miles of breathtaking
Atlantic coastline make it a glorious backdrop for celebrations
of any kind – especially weddings. One of the most celebrated
Newport nuptials was that of Jacqueline Bouvier to John F.
Kennedy at her family’s summer home, Hammersmith Farm – an
event meticulously documented in many glamorous photographs.
Wedding planner extraordinaire, Nancy Swiezy, owner of A
Newport Affaire ( explains the lure of
Newport. “A Newport wedding is a remarkable experience. It’s
the original Hamptons, after all, and attracts many stylish couples
wishing to marry in extraordinary surroundings.” Swiezy, an expert
on Newport celebrations, recently planned and orchestrated a
wedding for a family at Marble House.

Newport is filled with breathtaking locations. One
of the most idyllic sites is Cliff Walk – a historic
path that combines the natural beauty of the shore-
line with the architectural history of the oceanfront
estates. Amid these romantic surrounding sits The
Chanler at Cliff Walk (, a boutique
hotel whose grace and grandeur is perfect for an
intimate wedding.

Newport is truly an American phenomenon, a
monument to a unique time in the country’s history.
It is a magical place whose mystique inspires and
compels those wanting to enjoy a special celebra-
tion – one that will be shared and treasured by dear
friends and family and provide lasting memories.
Create Wedding Magic in Legendary Newport

"A Newport wedding is
a remarkable experience.
It’s the original Hamptons,
after all, and attracts many
stylish couples wishing to
marry in extraordinary

From the 2008 Spring NYSJA Newsletter

Monday, April 20, 2009

LOVE those Bubbles

Vowful Art

Jane Parillo of Scribe can take your vows, favorite poem or wedding reading and turn it in to art!
A beautiful keep sake, don't you think!

Can you spell WEDDING CAKE for me?

Terry,Mari,Lee... This one is for you!

You're getting married WHEN!

The Wedding Report just sent out these Statistics on how far out brides are getting married!

Less than 1 month before 3.04%
1 to 3 months before 8.11%
3 to 6 months before 16.22%
6 to 12 months before 37.16%
12 to 18 months before 21.62%
More than 18 months before 13.85%

Im working with Two 8.11 % and One 16.11% my self!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jackie's Wedding Photographers were Woman

I feel like I hit the jackpot tonight! I found a group of photos shot by Lisa Larsen from the Kennedy wedding.
It was my thought that Toni Frissell was the official photgrapher for the wedding. I guess the family asked a couple of talented women photographers to shoot the wedding that day!

The link to Lisa Larsens Bio.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Find Vendors in Your Area
Planning a wedding is a very local affair. While some details can be found across the country – invitations, favors – most of the vendors you hire will be based near your wedding location. Even if you’re getting married abroad, you’re more likely to hire local vendors – photographer, baker, florist – then fly someone halfway around the world.

The best way to find vendors for your wedding is to ask friends and relatives who have recently said “I do” what they thought of their wedding vendors. You can also get recommendations from the location you are holding your reception at and other vendors you are hiring.

Another great resource is local wedding magazines and businesses that feature a variety of vendors in one place – like The Bridal Bar in Los Angeles and San Diego or The Newport Wedding Gallery in Newport, RI. If your hometown doesn’t have a similar establishment, you can also attend wedding shows – like the Great Bridal Expo which is held in dozens of cities, or look through wedding magazines and Web sites for other shows in your area. Hiring a local wedding planner is also a great idea especially if you're not familiar with the area you are getting married at - destination wedding planners are a huge help.

Bridal salons, stationery stores, florists, caterers and other vendors may all know of upcoming events in your area so don’t be shy about asking them for recommendations or sign up for their mailing list so they will email you about upcoming events that they are participating in.

Thanks Anne for think of us!

Memories In A Bag

These are custom made bags with your photo! The photo is an iron-on transfer so it is flexible and water resistant. The Clutch fabric and trim can be custom-designed just for you.
It requires a 4 week lead-time to complete after order is placed.

Price: $100.00

Lilly Pulitzer Weddings comes to The Newport Wedding Gallery

Drive on by in May to see the Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Table Top show. Lifeguard Press ,RI Rentals,Limoncellostyle, A Newport Affaire and a group of floral designers will showcase Lilly inspired floral designs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

David Monn

I was invited to David Monn's Wedding Showcase in his N.Y. City Loft last week.
What a visuale joy!
The purity of white and green, tons of baby's breath and a few feathered friends over took his loft.

Simpley stunning!

It was so great to meet up with some of my old NY friends from the industry as well.

To see this decor used in a real wedding: go to

Cake Alchemy

This is why I still keep a place in NYC!

Something Newport Blue At the Newport Wedding Gallery

With the head counts going down, one can bring in personal dish ware or china into the mix.
This is my collection on ill matched blue and white mixed in with rentals.
It makes dining very personal!

Flowers By Rays Flowers
Rentals By RI Rentals
blue and white plates by

My "Best Of Show " in The Newport Wedding Gallery's Please Be Seated show

Glassware by Scribe Calligraphy Studio and Gallery

Name card and Table Number in one by Limoncellostyle

Pressed Flower Artistry's paper patch work quilts

Guest book and table number in one by Gina DeDominici Graphic Design

By the sea Katlem Design & Invitations

The Newport Wedding Gallery
Katlem Design & Invitations
Gina DeDominici Graphic Design
Pressed Flower Artistry
Scribe Calligraphy Studio and Gallery

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let the Nesting Begin!

Spring has spring in Newport!

Sorry Molly ...See you tomorrow!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fireworks Or Roses?

I had the pleasure of speaking to Teri Lowery This week.
She has a great passion for her work and the most positive outlook on life.
When she sent me this photo I thought it was fireworks.
Great shot Teri!