Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ivanka Trump's A List Wedding Venders

Did you know which vendors you wanted to work with right from the start or did you meet with several vendors in each category—event designers, baker, music, stationer, etc? What was the most important thing you kept in mind when choosing your planner and vendors?

I had so many ideas and visions for my big day but I knew it was important to let Preston filter some of my ideas and elaborate on my vision to create something even better than I could have imagined. As someone who is so hands on with all of my business ventures, it was important for me to relinquish a bit of control and leave some things to the experts.

Preston’s list of vendors is amongst the best of the best. He introduced me to Sylvia Weinstock, who truly is an amazingly talented pastry chef. (She, incidentally, also made my brother’s wedding cake—the perfect combination of delicious, which is often overlooked, and gorgeous!) For my gown, I met with several different designers, but ultimately, it was Vera Wang whom I knew could capture the look I was going for. For invitations, I think that Tiffany’s is the best. I adore mine (which were just mailed)!

The whole story from

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A note from the Brides Parents "Her Perfect Wedding"

Dear Nancy,

We are finally unwinding from one of the most glorious weeks of our lives,
I have been telling everyone that everything was perfect and the only thing we would have changed is that we didn't want it to end. Molly kept thanking us for "her Perfect wedding".
We can't stop talking about it and continue to receive calls and emails from people that were there.
Thank you for making this happen.
Thanks Thanks Thanks
Linda And Harry

Molly, Gabe, Linda and Harry
Thank You so much.
I miss you all !
Keep in touch
Much Love,
P.S. See you in Paris!

Inspiration .... Cameos

I have loved Cameos since I was a little girl.
My Father gave one to my Mother as a engagement gift.
So when Pam chose this cake design for her wedding it triggered this article.

Cake By Newport Cakes

Cake Photo By Newport Image

Cookies by

Umbrella by Lulu Guinness

Monday, September 21, 2009

Please Pass the Bride and Groom!

PicPlates makes prints that are full-color digital photos on high-quality plastic plates to offer a personalized element at weddings, corporate gatherings and other special events. The plates, which are made of a custom blend of FDA-approved plastic resins, are 100 percent recyclable and can be hand-washed and re-used, the manufacturer says.

They ship within seven to 10 working days; the minimum order is 25 plates.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kenneth Pools Beaded Belts and Scalloped Fish Scales ,Oscar de la Rentas Seersuckered ribbon and Something Blue at Bergdorf Goodman

A few of the Best sellers at Bergdorf Goodman.

Click on the Photos to see a close up of the details.

Would you wear a paper Wedding Dress?

I was visiting with Mari O'Connor in New York City this week. She's creating this dress for a event for a 100 year old Hotel.

Kudos Mari,,, It's Amazing!

Real Wedding Deb and Bret Miami FL

For an event planner, this was a simple wedding to produce, but for me, this was a very special wedding for a very important friend. Debra has been my advocate, friend, and sister. She holds a “C” level title on my personal Board of Directors.
Her wedding had to be perfect.
Beautiful linen napkins, South American orchids that emulated the colors of New England's fall foliage. Her wedding cake had a hit of Silvia Weinstock's glamour and a bit of Chanel's quilting. The reception was “At Home” in her beautiful condo complex restaurant. Her Chef did a lovely job creating comfort food for her family members and friends.
We all dance the night away!

A few more photos from Molly and Gabes Wedding

Photos by Josh Farley

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Advice From A Newport R.I. Wedding Planner... Should I have printed paper napkins?


Your wedding is not a fast food restaurant.

If you are going to do this keep it to a
monogram, quite small and tasteful.
It's a lovely keep sake and can be "regifted" to your wedding party after the wedding. And yes its green!
There is nothing better than a real linen napkin at a wedding!

Off to Miami !

Debra and Bret will be married this Saturday. We are so looking forward to this weekend Wedding.

Molly and Gabe Get Married in Jamestown R.I.!

This shot was the inspiration for the wedding program .
Gabe's sister designed and produced the program as a wedding gift.

Molly and Gabe's Ceremony

Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Tent is Preset, Acorn Hunting, and Chic Napkin Folds!

Molly will alternate the knot and double roll napkin fold for her tables.

The perfect setting was found surrounded by 10 cedar trees.

With the tent up, dance floor and tables set, we are ready to rock and roll for the Wedding on Sunday!
It was a long fun and productive day in Jamestown!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It was "Harry Meet Linda" thru Wendy!

Linda and Harry's Maid of Honor stopped by Jamestown today Via Facebook!
They were able to catch up before the wedding.
If it wasn't for Wendy, well Molly and Gabe's Wedding....
Let's just call it destiny.
It was Love at first sight thanks to Wendy!

Every Thing Old Is New Again!

Being green can be about recycling great old things. So the groomsman's gifts Gabe and Molly choose for the "Best Gents" were made from recycled typewriter keys.

Song By Peter Allen and dance by Ann Reinking in "All That Jazz"
One of my favorite songs!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seating Charts

I found this fun product for setting up a seating chart.
FYI... It does not allow for table spacing so check with your venue to make sure you have not gone over the venues capacity.

A Bucket ofNewport R.I. Wedding Lilly's

Newport Weddings Twiggy Bouquets for a garden

Hug a Tree ... I mean, I Love these Green Tree Name Tags

I found these great name tags for Molly and Gabe's green welcome bags.

They are 75 cents each and could be used as place cards as well.

There so Eco-Darling!