Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boston Common Magazines "The List"

In the latest issue of Boston Common magazine I made "The List" page.
Just in case you were wondering what this meant -- Boston Common thinks A Newport Affaire is doing something cool, amazing, fabulous or different and they wated to acknowledge me.

Thank you for these kind words!
Nancy Swiezy

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Take me out to the Ball Park!

There is nothing better than a ball game in the summer.
So why don’t you incorporate a game in to your week end activities wile in Newport
The season starts June 6th Thru Aug 9th
The season starts June 6th Thru Aug 9th

If You want to play your own game here is a list of playing fields

* Hunter Field - located on Van Zandt Avenue
* Murphy Field - located on the corner of Carroll Avenue and Ruggles
* Robert Douglas Field - located on Wellington Avenue
* Toppa Field (In Freebody Park) - located on Middleton Avenue
* Cardines Field - located on America's Cup Avenue at Marlborough Street
* Goldberg Little League Field - located on Maple Avenue
* Hogan Field - (Little League) located on Wellington Avenue
* Murphy Field - located on Wellington Avenue
* Vernon Field - located on Vernon Avenue

So Play Ball Newport Stlye!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What I learned from Sex in the City

When a wedding takes control of your life, it can cost you your groom.
A friend of mine was in such a bridal manic, she bought 3 wedding dresses!
With her life so occupied with shopping, she didn’t see the warning signs. …
That he wanted out.

Just be for the invitations were to be sent out,
he moved out.

With the added workload of planning a wedding can leave a groom feeling out of sorts and disconnect from you.
Lets face it; most fellows don’t care what color the flowers will be.
So don’t push the “Pink” agenda on him.
Budget time alone with him or doing things he likes to do. If you can, once in a wile don’t talk about the wedding.
Even Wedding Planners get what we call “Event Crash” after a wedding and if you don’t keep your real life in check, so will you.
Unless you are planning to be come a wedding planner… Hire one!
Instead of spending hours and hours looking at the wrong venders, spend your time with the man of your dreams!
A wedding is just one day, hopefully that fellow will be forever.

P.S. The movie was so worth the wait.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sparkling Firework

Fireworks can cost thousands of dollars to put on a show.
A cost effective way is with firework gobos.
Lots of sparkel for$7.95 a gobo
Gobo Man

A great idea from The Brides Cafe

I found this photo at http://thebridescafe.typepad.com/
Elizabeth Messina
Such a simple joyful moment