Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"One Special Summer"

"One Special Summer" was written and illustrated by Jacqueline and Lee Bouvier, a truly timeless duo who set the bar for classic overseas adventure!

The book, originally published in 1974 and just recently republished, was a travel journal and memoir compiled with illustrations and poetry from Jackie and writings from her younger sister Lee. The girls gave the journal to their mother as a thank you gift for allowing them to take the trip at such young ages without a chaperone! Lee, then 18, gives a witty tongue-in-cheek account of the joys and agonies they encountered on their Grand Tour while Jackie, then 22, illustrates with charming nostalgia! There are quite a few laughs in store as the girls recount their social embarrassments while being entertained by European counts and ambassadors; from gorging themselves on hors d'oeuvres to singing lessons gone badly amiss in Venice! Of course, all throughout the journal the girls give reassurance of their best behavior while abroad as Lee explains, "Don't worry – we won't come home with liver trouble! We eat and drink terribly sensibly..." and that they "...never go out in big cities except in what we would wear to church in Newport on Sundays..."

Who does this any more....!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is your Newport wedding dress a knock off ?

Apparel has little protection under copyright law, and designers, of course, borrow from one another all the time, in ways subtle and not so subtle. Mr. Schwartz is in the latter category.

He said that he had sold 80,000 copies of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress.

In April will you be wearing a variation of Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Dress?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks To Three Wonderful Brides and Four Exciting NYC Charity Events!!

Many Thanks To

Sarah and Jere,

Valery and Eric

and Mary and David

I so enjoyed working on your Wedding and Flowers!


Floral Design Created for

The Sons of The Revolution, George Washington Ball

The Fund For Park Avenue

The New England Society Dinner Dance

The Horticultural Society of New York Gala

The Accessories Accessories Council's Picnic in the Park Party

Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Why Work with Nancy Swiezy Events?

20 years of Special Events with Society Weddings and Events

Floral Design
I trained with Martha Meier Flowers and worked on many of Marcy Blum's weddings.Working on many society weddings, In NYC Hampton's and CT. As well as The Breeders Cup, Olympics and events for IBM and US Post Office.

Culinary Experience (I’m A Foodie!)
There is a technical deliverable between restaurant cuisine vs catering.
I was the first Sous Chef for Gods Love We Deliver, Catering Chef and Food Stylist for The New York Boat House and
Biz Dev. for NYC’s international catering company Tentation Potel and Chabot

Publishing Bridal Magazines, Bridal TV Shows
Associate Publisher of Bizbash Media for 5 years.
If you want your wedding published I can arrange that for you, for I have have relationships with all the Editors and Producers.

Wedding Planning
5 years I personally have produced and worked on Weddings with Million Dollar Budgets in NYC and Newport RI. To $10,000
Newport R.I., CT, N.Y.C., The Hampton's, Aspen, and Miami.

I work for my clients…. not my “friends”that work in the industry.
I am not related to any one in Newport.
So my advice and counsel is based on what your goals are not mine or my relations.

Marketplace Due Diligence
I have extensively sourced products and talent In NYC, Newport R.I. as well as nationally that will fit any budget and style.

Your Guest Experience
My finest complement was when my bride’s guest said,
“What didn’t you think of!”
What do you want your guests to say about your event???

No Kids or Interns Allowed
I don’t use Interns.
Why would you let some one come and to learn their craft on your time? My team members are NYC /R.I. professionals that are as multi talented and multi disciplined as I am
I do not have children and will not be getting pregnant during your wedding.

Disaster Recovery
My job is to make your event run smoothly and take care of any day of glitches.
Here are a few my saves.

A well-known Newport Catering company comes to a wedding a ½ late for a Society wedding
I was able to stall wile cleaning the gown that got dirty walking in the garden.

The NYC police would let my catering trucks, rentals or flowers delivery the street were the wedding was.
I negated with the mayors office to make it happen in a timely fashion.

A seconded tear R.I. tent company the bride hired was screaming at me because his generator wasn’t working the day of the wedding. I had a second one on it way is 20 minute by another vendor.

A bride was placed in a room with two twin beds and her gown was missing. I had her up graded to a suite in a ½ hour and the hotel pick up the charge.

And Yes I do Live in NYC and Newport RI


Will... Will Make Friday Nights The New Hot Night To Get Married in Newport?

The Royal wedding will take place on Friday, April 29, 2011, according to the British Monarchy Twitter. It will take place at Westminster Abbey, the venue for the 1947 wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth, William's grandmother the Queen.

A Postage Cake!

I cake I think the Queen would approve!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From A Newport Wedding Planner Who Does Weddings In Newport R.I. and New York!

If you enjoy the Big Bird see the fine poultry paintings by
Leah McCloskey
Salem, NY 12866
Studio Visits by Appointment
email: leah@leahmccloskey.com

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nancy Swiezy Events and The New England Socity makes The New York Social Diary

On Friday, November 12th, the New England Society in the City of New York hosted its 205th Annual Dinner Dance at the St. Regis Hotel. Members and friends gathered to honor Tom Chappell, co-founder of Tom's of Maine and Ramblers Ways, with the Reginald T. Townsend Award, as well as honor the current and past New England Society scholarship recipients.

Upon accepting his Townsend Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement while representing the finest attributes of the New England character, Tom accurately defined the New England character as the spirit of freedom that comes from acting socially responsible. He also shared the story of his New England and New York ancestry. His gracious words and personal message were enthusiastically received by the 150 guests, including scholarship recipients: Juliette Ferrigno, Class of 2013, Gregory Gumbs, Class of 2010, and Cathya Solano, Trinity Class of 2011. The dancing and celebrating continued on until midnight and an over all terrific evening was had by all thanks to co-chairs Christopher and Liz Apgar, Tom Farrell and Suzanne Milton.

Two of my brides and grooms...Valery and Eric Lourd Sarha & Jere Patterson.
Good friends Jamie Gaston, Gail Gaston, and Frances Gaston

Photos by Anne Watt http://www.society-photos.com/

It's Official Prince William Popped The Question!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkey, Feathers and Harvest Flowers Were Bountiful At The 205th The New England Society Dinner Dance

This was my fifth year doing the decor for The New England Society.
Feathers were accessorized not only in the Thanksgiving flower arrangements ,
but many of the guests were adored with them as well!
Many thanks to Ann Watt for shooting our event.


To learn more about The New England Society please visit

Kathleen Schauer Vogue's her Turkey Feather hair piece and watering can!

Thumb-Controlled Watering Pot
Handmade in Maine, this delightful earthenware "thumb pot" resembles those seen in 17th-and 18th-century English gardening prints. Immerse the pot in a barrel of water to fill and, holding a thumb over the top hole, carry it around the garden to water the plants. Releasing your thumb allows a stream of water to flow from the bottom.