Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ivanka Trump Twitters...

Just finished a gorgeous hike. The leaves are spectacular and the sun is shining. Everything is simply perfect! I'm getting married today!
Much Joy to you on a Perfect Day!
Can't wait to see your dress!

Will you Twitter to those who can't be at your wedding?

Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 Fashion Week St Puccini...Rocked!

St. Puccini Designer, Rani Totman show ROCKED literally and figuratively.
Her visionary style reflects old world elagance. Not the gown for a wall flower!

Monday, October 19, 2009

GET MARRIED Goes High Tech !

I just got my copy of Get Married and you will find these small Icons on each page.
The Icons are Tag Technology Go to and down load it on to your mobile phone.
Snap a Picture of the Icon and Presto you are watching a video about the advertiser or the Editorial pick.
WOW !!! A Static magazine now becomes a interactive experience.
So Cool....
Kudos to Stacy and the team at Get Married

Martha Stewart Weddings Turns 15 at The Plaza

There was one event that's a definite go to for everyone in the industry after bridal fashion week, and that's the Martha Stewart Weddings party. This year they’re celebrating their 15Th anniversary with a huge bash at the Plaza Hotel, I can;t wait to show you the Photos! Carley, Preston, Michel, Liz, David among other Who's Who in the Bridal Industry were present.
I also when to the St Puccini Show and the Pnina Tornai at Klienfeild.
Lady's break open your mother costume jewelery box and break out the rhinestones for PEARLS are out and BLING is in!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Me, Kelly Ripa and Mom INC

If you're as much of a TLC junkie as I am, than Mom, Inc. may be your latest delight.

I had the honor to be part of the very first show!

Who knows I may end up on the cutting room floor.
But it was a great time and I really liked some of the products that where being pitched!

According to, Kelly Ripa is teaming up with HSN, TLC, and Milojo Productions (her production company co-owned with husband Mark Consuelos) for a new reality TV show called Mom, Inc., to premiere next winter.

On the series, real life mothers like Kelly will be featured coming up with products, finding a manufacturer, and then (here comes the marketing angle flair) trying to sell them on the Home Shopping Network in a live "Judgment Day" episode.