Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What I learned from Sex in the City

When a wedding takes control of your life, it can cost you your groom.
A friend of mine was in such a bridal manic, she bought 3 wedding dresses!
With her life so occupied with shopping, she didn’t see the warning signs. …
That he wanted out.

Just be for the invitations were to be sent out,
he moved out.

With the added workload of planning a wedding can leave a groom feeling out of sorts and disconnect from you.
Lets face it; most fellows don’t care what color the flowers will be.
So don’t push the “Pink” agenda on him.
Budget time alone with him or doing things he likes to do. If you can, once in a wile don’t talk about the wedding.
Even Wedding Planners get what we call “Event Crash” after a wedding and if you don’t keep your real life in check, so will you.
Unless you are planning to be come a wedding planner… Hire one!
Instead of spending hours and hours looking at the wrong venders, spend your time with the man of your dreams!
A wedding is just one day, hopefully that fellow will be forever.
P.S. The movie was so worth the wait.


Martha of Blooms said...

Wise words. Too often I see my brides get so caught up in "planning" they forget to focus on the marriage. This is where a wedding planner in invaluable. It frees the bride to focus on what is important and leave the details of the "occasion" to the professional.

SwankLighting said...

Did you happen to notice the Dorothy Draper Dressers in Candice Bergens office? She has three of them side by side in the movie. They look GREAT.

Newport Weddings said...

That is so funny about the Dressers. A friend just inherited 5 of them! I knew they were good... But I didn't know they were a Draper !!!