Friday, December 5, 2008


I don’t usually write about my personal life at the bog but today I was inspired to do so. It is about a family member of very dear friends of mine. Bay Philips passed away this week. We just spent Thanksgiving weekend together. Bay was a resident of N.Y.C., Milord CT. and Jamestown R.I. As a child he swam in the Long Island Sound and Narragansett Bay with glee (thus his given name). We would have to spell out the word BEACH in order to not disappoint this charming soul. He had wonderful human parents,grandparents,canine and human friends,who will miss him at the Stoop,Poop,Scoop Cocktail Parties he and his family hosted on West 10th street in N.Y.C. And yes… Bay liked Jennifer better that me, but he had a way to nug at your heart, with his snout, just to get a little bit more T.L.C.
Bay you will be dearly missed,

Your friend from R.I. and N.Y.C.

Mari and Tim
Thank you for sharing your life and family and Bay with me.

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