Monday, August 17, 2009

Did you hear Newport's Belle Mar is now adding a 30 % mark up if they recommend a vendor?

Or $500 fee if you want to bring your own Band, Photographer or Florist.

Gee.... Most wedding planners charge 10% or just a flat fee for their services.

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Anonymous said...

When we signed on to have our wedding here, the sales woman said the mark up varied but that it was something we really wouldn't notice. Then, now that it was time to book the vendor they did say flat out that its 30% no matter what! It was very upsetting to know that our wedding budget was now 30% less that we thought we had to work with! And this does not include taxes. They still charge a 26% tax and gratuity at the end of the day to the bottom line...even though most things you wouldn't add gratuity to!