Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day of Wedding Dress Shopping at Housing Works Brides on a Budget3

Yesterday I helped Housing Works with the Brides on a Budget3 Event.The Brides,Staff and all the volunteers were just wonderful to work with. So many brides found the dress of their dreams. One even found two! Such a joyful day for all.

Here's part of Dan's very thoughtful Thank You note !

It was a day full of spontaneous applause (and even some misty eyes) that ran smooth as silk (appropriately) thanks to all who supported our good pal BOB and his wish to make bridal dreams come true while helping a little to make the housing works dream of providing life saving services to those homeless and low income fighting HIV and AIDS come true.
Thank you everyone. The fact that we were able to run this event with one staff member and the support of 12 incredible volunteers tells me that maybe we have finally come up with the low impact formula to make our little bridal event worth while and successful.

The scale of the event and the one on one attention and exceptional customer service that we were able to provide to the brides was the magic this time. We saw 39 brides in all yesterday and have a strong focused email list of 60 customers who want to participate in this new by appointment only adventure

A very special thanks to three individuals that really turned it out both the day of set up and during the event.

Nancy Swiezy, Mary O’Conner, and Phillip Montana whose help the day of set up and the day of the event really allowed me to work on this event with almost no impact on regular day to day store activity. Not only am I grateful but the staff certainly is as well.

Nancy and Mary held those brides hands all day and SOLD dresses…having their insight, experience and professionalism at our disposal was unprecedented.
Phillip was so helpful putting up all the partitions, moving the furniture and adding his stylistic touch that I almost didn’t have to get my hands dirty.

It was an honor and sincere pleasure to meet and work with the three of you. Housing Works is so incredibly lucky to have the support of volunteers with your caliber.
Thank you all again.


Daniel J. Moore
Manager Housing Works Gramercy Thrift Shop

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