Monday, February 14, 2011

Skip The Roses Send A Pineapple

A pineapple for me
In response to previous charges that Charles has no sense of romance, I stand by my man and present the following for your consideration:

One of my favorite recordings - ever - is Lotte Lenya and Jack Gilford's "It Couldn't Please Me More (A Pineapple)," recorded in 1966. (Listen to mp3) The lyrics are sweetly goofy (even a bit dada), but that's largely what I find so wonderful about it. The song is a duet from Cabaret, following a scene in which an eldery gentleman (Gilford) buys a pineapple for his "lady love" (Lenya). Upon receiving the gift, she is overwhelmed with emotion and begins singing:

If you bought me diamonds
If you bought me pearls
If you bought me roses like some other gents might bring to other girls
It couldn't please me more than the gift I see
A pineapple, for me!

I put this song on just about every mix CD I make, including one I made for Charles last year. And so, on the anniversary of our first date (last May), when he came to pick me up for dinner, he brought me... a pineapple!

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