Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Strathmore Rose Tiara Is The Front Runner For Kate!

The Strathmore Rose Tiara was a wedding gift to the Queen Mum from her father, the Earl of Strathmore. It’s a delicate tiara, worn by the Queen Mum as a bandeau low across her forehead (a stylish way to wear a tiara in the ‘20s and ‘30s); it can also be worn in a more traditional way on the top of the head. If Kate were to wear a piece from the Queen Mother’s collection, especially one like the Strathmore that hasn’t been trotted out in ages, it might suggest that she and William want to mimic the reign of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon – a united, nuclear family that acts as a model of family values for the nation. Less glam, yes, but also less drama in the wake of the tabloid wars of the previous generation.

Its young and fresh look for a Thoroughly Modern Millie.. I mean Kiss Me Kate!

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