Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Newport Experience In NYC...The Otto Kahn-Burden Mansion

I did so many weddings at this landmark venue, as a florist in training.

The Mansions were closed to the public for about 5 years.

Now available for Weddings, Charity Events and film shoots once again.

One of my favorite locations in NYC!

The Otto Kahn- Burden Mansion 1 East 91st Street:
Reach Out to Dana (212) 722-4745 ext. 112
Email: info@burdenkahnmansion.org

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Benita Wheeler said...

i love this space. this would be great for a gilded age wedding theme in which bride walked into a room with a beautiful lace gown with a jeweled encrusted umbreella, a centerpiece of beautiful pink roses and peonies, with a beautiful cake in which you gold accents on the side but a crystal centerpiece.