Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Haggle with a Wedding Vender?

Do so....... At you own risk.

Haggling for a good deal may be great for you wedding budget,
but on the day of your wedding it could be very bad news for you and your guests.

Lets face it every bride likes a good deal.
Equally every vender wants to feel they are being economical valued.
But when a wedding vender drops their profit margin too far, so will your service.
Staying that extra hour just won’t be available to you.
An additional waiter or assaitaint to make your day run more smoothly… Gone.
That extra special gross of full blown heirloom roses just flown in from California, won’t be in your bouquet. So in order not to have disrupted employs working on day of your wedding.

Here’s a few suggestions.

Have clean contracts and know what the vender is committing to what services will be reduced with the change of price.

Don’t follow industry guidelines on what you should be spending on each vender.

Buy the best talent your money can buy in your top 3 categories.

I worked with one bride that hired a Rock Star photographer but used a regional Vidiographicor.
Every one got paid well and by using a local vender she saved over $5,000.

Having your wedding not on a Saturday night in the can open up your venue budget by almost 50%.

Have your maids carry tussie-mussie vs. a standard size bouquet.

Buy a brides maids dress in white can open up your budget for a pair of highly lusted after Jimmy Choo’s.

If you not wearing a large ball gown skip the costs of a limo and hail a cab like Rhoda Mogenstein.
(your Mother will know who she is!)

A smaller group of top quality performers are better than a So So large band.

So by make the right economic choices, your wedding day can be a Win Win !

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