Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What would Jackie do?

From fashion to finance, a sophisticated and entertaining guide that shows readers how to attain the elegance and practical smarts that defined Jackie O.
We can't help but want to be like her: Exuding unmatched poise and style, she continues to fascinate people of all ages. But how would Jackie have handled the twenty-first century? What would she think about a society that celebrates outsized egos, instant everything and casual rules of conduct? How might she dress for the office, scan for a man, accessorize a home—and get away from it all when necessary? With intriguing research, commentary from today's experts, and fond reminiscences from those who knew and admired the First Lady of perfection, journalists Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway now offer a sparkling answer to the question “What Would Jackie Do?”

Shelly Branch is a very good friend from NYC who just "Gets It".
Im proud to have her as my friend.
This book is a hand book for any gal leaving the single life to launch her life as a Mrs.

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Amy-Jo said...

I read this book. Personally I think Jackie would have adapted to 21st century culture alot more easily than her 1950s one.