Saturday, January 31, 2009

Champagne Taste on a High Tea Budget!

If you've ever been to an old-fashioned high tea at one of the top Hotels in New York or London, you know that it's an indulgently grand time. It's not every day that we get to gobble tea sandwiches and cute desserts in the mid afternoon. So a High Tea Wedding is a very classy to hold a wedding on a budget. One servers a variety of hot teas, finger sandwiches, scones, tartlets, petit fours and wedding cake. Traditional high teas start at 3:00 pm. If your Wedding Tea is planed to start earlier, make sure you offer enough savory selections to curve the appetite of your guest’s lunchtime palate.
You can still have all the wonderful iconic moments of a grand wedding at a High Tea.

Hire a string trio or a harp in place of a band. It will make your first dance quite special.

Your invitation can say, Ladies are invited to wear hats!
And the attire should be “Sunday Best”

Your flower costs will be minimal. Try a tussey mussey for the bride’s maids and a mint julep cups filled with flowers work well for the cocktail tables.

An open bar is really not necessary. One could serve sparking cider, wine or champagne for the toasts.

The “cut the cake” moment with your groom is a must!

One can toss your bouquet from a staircase or from the steps of the venue.

By changing into a going away suit, you can say fair well, or continue spending time with you guests after the tea is over.

Make sure you let people know the timing of event, so they can make plans for the latter part of the day or the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! That's my wedding china! It's Aynsley!!