Saturday, January 31, 2009

Did some one say...Tussey Mussey?

A tussey mussey traces its origins back to the castles of medieval times when these flower holders were used to carry fresh bouquets of flowers around the halls and rooms to get rid of that musty castle odor! During the Victorian era, tussey mussey bouquets were the rage for weddings, with delicate, lacey looking silver flower holders being very popular. Today, they are once again a beautiful way to hold a bridal bouquet. A tussey mussey also makes a lasting flower holder which can be used in decorating your home while continuing to remind you of you wonderful wedding flowers.

The are much small than standard bouquets, so they can save you money on your flower budget. If you purchase one with a stand, they could be used on the cocktail tables as well! $28.00
Newport Weddings

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