Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who is doing your flowers? A Florist, Designer or a Rock Star?

Wholesale flowers all cost the same. But once a vendor takes that raw material and creates living sculpture out of it, the pricing structure changes.

In most cases they will be the cost effective. Some times affiliated with FTD or Teleflora. The design work can be quite good using mostly hothouse flowers that have beauty and durability.

This is florist that takes floral design to the next level. Designers sculpt and paint with the color and shape of the flowers. They will also can create custom solutions, themes and products for your wedding.

Rock Stars
We know them all by their first names. This group of celebrity designers work with budgets that are some times the budget of many weddings. Having the opportunity to work with $20,000- $40,000 of whole sale product … of course it is going to look fabulous!. Rock stars will factor in 20% to 40 % for the design work as well. Just like at Chanel or Fendi.

It's still just a pocketbook right?

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