Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are You Newportiant at Newport Wedding Glam ?

Did you know that Newport Wedding Glam is a marketing tool for a Washington DC Wedding Planner that pretends to be a Newporter?
All the preferred venders PAY to be at the site... unless you one of her friends!
"What we provide for a one year membership:
  • Glam Guide members will receive a badge to use professionally
  • Profile pages on the Newport Wedding Glam site will include one photo with a 50-word detailed description, phone number, email address as well as links to websites or blogs, making them easily accessible and connected to brides.
  • Our special vendors and advertisers are provided with a way to “Connect” with our readers. NWGlam “Connect” is an exciting feature on the site where brides and grooms “Connect” with the Glam Guide vendors and advertisers.
Interested in becoming a Glam Guide Vendor?   "
But at what cost to you my dear!

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