Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration...The Irish Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness At FIT

Her signature platinum-and-black striped hair to her notorious eight-inch platform shoes, her to-die-for couture collection and amazing diamond jewelry, Daphne Guinness is the very image of rarified personal style. “Who is this woman, what form of rara avis bedecked in diamonds and plumes?” asked Guy Trebay.

“Daphne is one of – if not the – most stylish women living,” says fashion designer Tom Ford, who asked her to model in his show. The world has many beautiful, fashionable socialites and celebrities, but Daphne is in a class of her own. “Life is a stage for Daphne,” says the couturierValentino. “Funerals or balls, she always makes a performance.”

Why do an exhibition on Daphne Guinness? Because she is fearless about wearing the most extreme clothes and shoes, but is no mere clothes horse. Because she is a serious collector of couture, who is also a creative force in her own right. Because she is an extraordinary individual whose perspective on fashion is unique and important.

 P.S.The great news  is that much of her collection is by Alexander McQueen!

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