Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Superstitions and Traditions for a Russian Bride

Odd or Even Number of Flowers - Even numbers of flowers are only given at funerals. Never give an even number of flowers to your wife or girlfriend! Remember "odd is good!".

No Yellow Flowers - Never give yellow flowers to your lover, as it implies that an argument will happen and your relationship will end.

Scattering Coins - "Money goes to money" according to this superstition, so you will attract lots of fortune if you leave coins scattered throughout your bags, cupboards, and drawers.

The Flow of Wealth
- This Russian superstition says you should always take/receive money with your left hand, but give it with your right hand.

Money in the Evening
- Do not count money after dark, and never lend it in the evening time, as it is a sign that you will lose your wealth. The same goes for taking out the rubbish after sunset!

Feet - If you accidentally stand on your lover's foot, he/she must "return the favour", and stand on yours. If not, you will soon have a quarrel.

- A husband and wife should not dry their hands in the same towel at the same time. The superstition says that this will attract a quarrel.

On the way to the Church - When a bride and groom are on their way to the church, they mustn’t look behind themselves. According to this superstition, it means that they are looking back to their previous home and they will not be able to have a happy new life and marriage.

Holding Hands
- At the wedding ceremony, a bride should hold her groom by the hand. It signifies that she is forming a closed space between them which no-one will be able to break.

Wedding Rings
- Do not take your wedding ring off to show it to someone else, or worse still to let them try it on. The wedding ring is worn on your fourth finger, which is the one under the influence of the sun, and is a sign of our heart's true love. If you take it off to show to another, it means you are giving away your love and happiness to a stranger.

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