Saturday, December 22, 2007

What Was HOT for 2007 and NOT

As I tie up
the ends of 2007,
Here is my list of
what was HOT
and was NOT
in Newport.

Colored water glasses were in.
Clear ones are out.

New England Icons such as Sail boats,Pineapples and Sea Shells are always in.
Hearts and Doves and Swans are out.

Gobos with the couples Monogram are in.
Disco Lighting is out.

Welcome Bags are in.
Non edible party favors are out.

Real food is in.
Watermelon swans are out.

Pink and Line Green was still in.
(Thank You Lilley)
Bold red is out.

Chocolate Fountains are out.
But Chocolate Bars are in

Antique cars and Trollys are in.
Extra long Limos are out.

A Get Away Dress is in.
Hang out in your wedding dress after the wedding is always out

Ribbon from the Ribbon spot

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