Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What’s with that Pineapple ?

The Pineapple is a symbol of welcome derived from the practice of placing a real pineapple at the door to announce that the sea-captain owner had returned from his long voyage and was ready to receive guests.

Newport has hundreds examples of wonderful colonial homes.
Make sure you visit “The Point” section of Newport on your next trip.
Facing the harbor Its just to the right of the Visitors Center.

So when the New England Society of NYC asked me to design the decor for the annual holiday party,the pineapple simple ruled.

My next bride plans to hang a pineapple on the front door of her venue.

Why don’t you?

The New England Socity in the city of New York is a Scholarship Program, established in 1953, awards scholarships to bright and deserving students from the New York City area attending New England educational institutions.


classic said...

i loooove the idea of incorporating pineapples ... i grew up with them being a prominent item of decoration in the south ... i'd love to see how your next bride will hang it on the door!!!

love your blog!

Nancy Swiezy said...

Me to I love tradition and history