Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can I have a Newport R.I. wedding on a budget?

A bride came in to the Newport Wedding Gallery last weekend thinking she could not afford to get married here.

She asked

"Can I have a Newport R.I. wedding on a budget?"


Says Event Planner Nancy Swiezy.

I have worked with society families and New York struggling actors. And the key to success is less is more, quality over quantity, a shorter guest list and booking your wedding off season. Even the time of day can make a big difference in stretching your budget.

We have some wonderful wedding solutions in Newport RI with a rental fees under $4000. And that is in high season with a water view! Be willing to do some of the vender’s jobs your self, as long as it can be done a head of time.

Ironically, with the smaller guest lists, Im seeing more luxurieous wedding venders being hired. You can have that hand made crystal incrusted invitation when your only buying 25 to 50 of them!

So keep a open and flexible mind to who, what, when,and were for your wedding will be held!


Anonymous said...

Yes you totally can...we had our wedding in Newport in 2007 for 100 guests, on the ocean for a little over $ yes totally possible!

Susan said...

We're looking for a waterfront venue for an outdoor wedding, daytime on a Friday.Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for any ideas!

Wedding Planner Nancy Swiezy said...

Susan visit and call me!
Best nancy