Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Work with Nancy Swiezy Events?

20 years of Special Events with Society Weddings and Events

Floral Design
I trained with Martha Meier Flowers and worked on many of Marcy Blum's weddings.Working on many society weddings, In NYC Hampton's and CT. As well as The Breeders Cup, Olympics and events for IBM and US Post Office.

Culinary Experience (I’m A Foodie!)
There is a technical deliverable between restaurant cuisine vs catering.
I was the first Sous Chef for Gods Love We Deliver, Catering Chef and Food Stylist for The New York Boat House and
Biz Dev. for NYC’s international catering company Tentation Potel and Chabot

Publishing Bridal Magazines, Bridal TV Shows
Associate Publisher of Bizbash Media for 5 years.
If you want your wedding published I can arrange that for you, for I have have relationships with all the Editors and Producers.

Wedding Planning
5 years I personally have produced and worked on Weddings with Million Dollar Budgets in NYC and Newport RI. To $10,000
Newport R.I., CT, N.Y.C., The Hampton's, Aspen, and Miami.

I work for my clients…. not my “friends”that work in the industry.
I am not related to any one in Newport.
So my advice and counsel is based on what your goals are not mine or my relations.

Marketplace Due Diligence
I have extensively sourced products and talent In NYC, Newport R.I. as well as nationally that will fit any budget and style.

Your Guest Experience
My finest complement was when my bride’s guest said,
“What didn’t you think of!”
What do you want your guests to say about your event???

No Kids or Interns Allowed
I don’t use Interns.
Why would you let some one come and to learn their craft on your time? My team members are NYC /R.I. professionals that are as multi talented and multi disciplined as I am
I do not have children and will not be getting pregnant during your wedding.

Disaster Recovery
My job is to make your event run smoothly and take care of any day of glitches.
Here are a few my saves.

A well-known Newport Catering company comes to a wedding a ½ late for a Society wedding
I was able to stall wile cleaning the gown that got dirty walking in the garden.

The NYC police would let my catering trucks, rentals or flowers delivery the street were the wedding was.
I negated with the mayors office to make it happen in a timely fashion.

A seconded tear R.I. tent company the bride hired was screaming at me because his generator wasn’t working the day of the wedding. I had a second one on it way is 20 minute by another vendor.

A bride was placed in a room with two twin beds and her gown was missing. I had her up graded to a suite in a ½ hour and the hotel pick up the charge.

And Yes I do Live in NYC and Newport RI

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