Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkey, Feathers and Harvest Flowers Were Bountiful At The 205th The New England Society Dinner Dance

This was my fifth year doing the decor for The New England Society.
Feathers were accessorized not only in the Thanksgiving flower arrangements ,
but many of the guests were adored with them as well!
Many thanks to Ann Watt for shooting our event.

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Kathleen Schauer Vogue's her Turkey Feather hair piece and watering can!

Thumb-Controlled Watering Pot
Handmade in Maine, this delightful earthenware "thumb pot" resembles those seen in 17th-and 18th-century English gardening prints. Immerse the pot in a barrel of water to fill and, holding a thumb over the top hole, carry it around the garden to water the plants. Releasing your thumb allows a stream of water to flow from the bottom.


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