Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"One Special Summer"

"One Special Summer" was written and illustrated by Jacqueline and Lee Bouvier, a truly timeless duo who set the bar for classic overseas adventure!

The book, originally published in 1974 and just recently republished, was a travel journal and memoir compiled with illustrations and poetry from Jackie and writings from her younger sister Lee. The girls gave the journal to their mother as a thank you gift for allowing them to take the trip at such young ages without a chaperone! Lee, then 18, gives a witty tongue-in-cheek account of the joys and agonies they encountered on their Grand Tour while Jackie, then 22, illustrates with charming nostalgia! There are quite a few laughs in store as the girls recount their social embarrassments while being entertained by European counts and ambassadors; from gorging themselves on hors d'oeuvres to singing lessons gone badly amiss in Venice! Of course, all throughout the journal the girls give reassurance of their best behavior while abroad as Lee explains, "Don't worry – we won't come home with liver trouble! We eat and drink terribly sensibly..." and that they "...never go out in big cities except in what we would wear to church in Newport on Sundays..."

Who does this any more....!

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