Monday, February 4, 2008

Anyone can be a Wedding Planner….but my brides are simply not just anyone. “They have a life!”

says Nancy Swiezy of A New York and Newport Affaire.

My brides are putting in overtime so they can get ahead in there career.
They spend time with their favorite charities, improving their backhand, training for a marathon or simply socializing with their fiancé, friends and family.

The Poor Girl Syndrome
Middle class girls just don’t get it.
They all think they have to DIY (Do It Yourself )
Why would anyone want to look at 100’s of wedding vendors is beyond me.

The Rich Girl
Society girls have had it together for years, by hiring personal consultants for their wardrobe, homes, wedding and finances. Saving them time and thousands of dollars each year.

The Modern Girl
Wedding Planners are not just for the rich any more.
By taking 5 to 10% of budget will create piece of mind.
A wedding planner will find the best choices that reflect your style and budget.They can get the best value for you because they bring repeat business to vendors. I just negotiate $1700 off of a catering bill for my last client. My personal goal is to get at least of 50% of my fee back in products and services for my brides.

So Think about it and keep the quality of your life!
Hire a Wedding Planner.

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