Thursday, February 7, 2008

Newport, RI Wedding Planning – Newport Wedding Ideas – Newport

So who’s wedding is it any way! Yours or that brand new planners?

Macy Blum once said it used to me that any one who planned there own wedding wanted to be a wedding planner. But now any one that has gone to a wedding planner wants to be one!

Today any one can proclaim them self’s a wedding expert these days. By putting a web site and buying a ad on line.

I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and I am shocked to see the girls that have started a business and are so willing to take your money and give you advice about their wedding!

I wish them well and I hope they have the stomach and the grace to handle some of these experiences I have had
Do have fun when a vender just disappears the day before of a wedding and you have to find another company with in 24 hours while setting up a large rehearse dinner.

It’s a Joy when the police tells you that you at 10:00:am your vender trucks can't unload until after 3:00 dur to a parde

Do enjoy the experience when the bride melts down before going down the Aisle, you fix the mess,
The Grooms mother says “How did you know what to do?”

What do you do when an $8,000, wedding cake starts to cave in on its self? How are you do you fix it?

How are you going to feel when the bride snaps her finger at you when the napkins were not “her” perfert place?

When The Hotel puts the bride in a room with two twin beds!

When your lectured your on how to roll out a runner by the bride.
Like she has done this before!

Nancy Swiezy
A Newport Affaire

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