Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sailor's Valentines

Sailor's Valentines were originally created in the 19th century by islanders in Barbados. As the island was a port of call for both American and English ships, sailors purchased valentines after long sojourns at sea as tokens of love for their wives and sweethearts in New England, as far north as Nova Scotia and also in England. Old valentines are rare and prized by collectors.

Sailor's Valentines are traditionally made in an octagonal wooden box resembling a compass. The box is filled with a design made of shells and then covered with glass to protect it. Many valentines incorporate sentimental messages, and some boxes are hinged together in pairs. Inspired by this old art form, the aesthetic beauty of shells and the romance of days gone by.

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jdinnick said...

This valentine was made by Judy Dinnick.