Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you part of a Wedding Cult?

"Come on ...All of us are using that Photographer, Florist, Band and Videographer!"

Do you give in and go with them or find a vendor that really speaks to you?

As your planning your wedding you'll be faced with decisions that will last you a lifetime. Choosing a vender in your price range can be hard enough, but when friends and other venders get involved pressuring you it can be even harder.

Many friends just want to recreate or change the wedding day they had.

While venders who try to influence you to use a “friend” some times have a monetary incentive to do so.

I have heard of a group of venders that call them self’s

“The Dream Team” But who's dream is it ?

If you want your wedding to look like every one else’s... then that may be the right choice for you.

At The Newport Wedding Galey there are over 100 venders that showcase their work with no referal fees passed on to the managment.


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