Monday, July 13, 2009

BUZZ ....Imagine getting every ones photos from your wedding at the end of the night?...

All your guests need to do is insert their digital cameras memory card in to the Canditto and it will automatically copy the photos they’ve taken at your wedding!
At the end of your celebration, remove the two identical thumb drives.
Keep one for yourself and keep the other as a backup, or an instant gift to your new in-laws!

Don't worry for Uncle Harry's fishing trip won't show up.... Only photos taken the last 8 Hours will!

Send Canditto back in the same shipping container. Canditto includes prepaid postage and mailing labels to make it easy and free.

You can Rent Canditto For $450.00 .
A Gift for you!
If you use you The Newport Wedding Gallery's Code 310284056.
They will give you a $50 discount
The Newport Wedding Gallery can set up a Canditto Station at your Wedding to make sure no one leaves with out checking in their digital cameras memory card for additional $100.

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Anonymous said...

that's actually a brilliant idea. My friends actually set up a laptop to collect people's photos. Definitely a cheaper alternative but then again, you have to worry about uncle harry's fishing trip, right?