Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chritian Oth makes the cut in Jacqueline Tobin's new book,Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers

If your wondering here is the list of the Ms Tobins Whos Who in Wedding Photography. In book stores Fall 2009

Liz Banfield
Virginie Blachère
Chenin Boutwell
Philippe Cheng
Suzy Clement
Mike Colón
Amy Deputy
Shannon Ho
Jesse Leake
Kathi Littwin
Charles & Jennifer Maring
Melissa Mermin
Elizabeth Messina
Melanie Nashan
Christian Oth
Parker J. Pfister
Ben Quillinan
Meg Smith
Amanda Sudimack
Jose Villa

I have worked with Christian Oth in Newport twice now ...
I wonder if any of my wedddings will be in the book?


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