Friday, January 11, 2008

Mrs. John L. Strong

Mrs. John L. Strong was founded in New York City in 1929 and immediately set the standard for exquisite hand-engraved stationery. For decades, its charismatic founder Flora Strong built a loyal following of patrons for her special formula papers and beautiful hand engraved dies. World leaders, American presidents, royal families and society's prominent personalities and celebrities have all used Mrs. Strong's distinctive papers. They have made paper for every presidential family since the Roosevelts, and were responsible for Mrs. Kennedy’s personal papers while she was in the White House.

Mrs. John L. Strong is the only American firm that offers hand-engraving exclusively. they use no computers, and specialize in line engraving (for text), banknote engraving ( a flat image composed of hundreds of crosshatched lines as on banknotes, hence the name), and sunk die engraving.The workmanship is breathtaking so be prepared to spend $60 and up per invitation.

The company can produce any image for brides and grooms, from a custom coats of arms, Buddhist symbols , topographical, images of flowers, monograms, burgee flags, or even a replica of your home.

This is some of the finest traditional stationery I have ever seen.

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