Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Preston Bailey Blogs

I have to tell you that working on a Preston Bailey Wedding with Marcy Blum was a great highlight in my career! Memorial Day 2006 in Newport, I worked with them on local logistics for a wedding weekend held at Rosecliff. He is a amazing artist and I envy the volume of flowers he gets to paint with.

When I was with Bizbash Media, we honored him in to The Event Style Hall of Fame.
Chris Giftos the Floral Designer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art said to me looking at one of Prestons live florial murals,
“I workied at the MET for over 40 years , Why didn’t I think of that! “
I am so exited to share with you his blog, that houses some of his inspiration and even a little insite to his technique.
Kudos to a master of design.
I am honored to have him as my first Florial Desiger of the Month at my Newport Weddings Blog


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