Saturday, January 19, 2008

What should I wear to a Newport Wedding?

Newport has a great history of protocol and proper attire. So if you want to fit in at all the right places, here is a guideline on what to wear and when.

Formal Evening
After 6 pm Men white tie and tails, Ladies ball gown.
State Dinners and Balls have this dress code.

Formal Day
Before 6 pm Men morning suit, Ladies business dress, suit and a hat is always welcome.
Think of the movie Four weddings and a Funeral . White dinner jackets may be worn as well in the summer months.

PM Men black tie tux, and in the summer white dinner jacket may be worn and Ladies gowns or fancy cocktail dress.
For most Americans this is formal attire.
AM Men dress suit, Ladies "Sunday Best"

Black Tie Optional
I never under stood this; it’s a mix of Semi- Formal and Formal

Cocktail Attire
also known as Dress Casual or Smart casual
Men Suites, Ladies short cocktail dress

Yacht Club Attire
Men navy blazers and khakis,or bright green or red pants, Ladies summer tea dresses or summer suites
Lilly Pulitezer dresses and red white and blue is always a good choice

Sporting Attire
Appropriate to the sport
Please note that some clubs mandate" white only" on a playing field

White Dinner Jacket from

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